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TELCAN INNOVATIONS LIMITED is a Premier Service firm that provides Marketing Intelligence and Empowerment.

Through our programs, we partner with clients across the globe, that is; Corporations, big and small businesses, Government Agencies, NGO’s, Schools, communities and many more to deliver convenient, timely and effective on-site and off-site trainings.

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Our Main Features

We specialize in helping people and teams to discover their purpose and maximize their God given potential. We have the best trainers in Personal Development Coaching, Public Speaking, Training, Team Building, Corporate Trainings and motivations, for both indoor and outdoor with much emphasis on customer care services and skills development.


We welcome all partnerships with a success goal towards development. We work cordially with our host clients management to yield a positive goal

Risk Analysis

Our technical know-how and the dynamics positively help us respond to the challenges and provide professional state of the art solutions that lead straight to the point of our customer needs.

Marketing Strategy

We strategies in social inclusion, content formation and advertisement platforms

Capital Market

In our work environment, we operate with an end goal of additional productivity by dealing in shares, bonds and long term investigates.

You Always Get the Best Guidance

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Our Best Services

In all our work operations, we treasure our clients’ getting the best of customer satisfaction through our hospitable environment full of integrity and innovations

Business Analysis

We have a firm control of our business strategies in favour of our client’s expectations and company’s goals

Business Consulting

We offer a full time consultancy service response on the services we render.

Growth Strategy

Through our service delivery, we look on to additional growth monitored in our SWOT chart.

Global Investigation

We do research and keep at par with the global development progress so as to tally our impact in evidenced service delivery

Audit & Evaluation

We have a trusted and professional team in our financial management sector to monitor the company progress.

Marketing Strategy

We strategies in social inclusion, content formation and advertisement platforms

Our Recent Projects

We appreciate the efforts of our partnerships and look onto achieving positive goals for the best and respect of our partnership values

Our Team

We have a dedicated team of professionals in our entire service sector ready for an outstanding service delivery